• IntyBASIC Compiler is software to aid programming and creating games for Intellivision, which transforms BASIC codes into Assembler language for the CP1610 processor. The code can then be processed by as1600 and transformed into a binary file to be executed in an emulator or in the original Master Component.

  • Created by Mexican Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez (nanochess), the software had its first version made available in January 2014. Since then, new features and improvements have been added to the software, such as support for ECS, Intellivoice and Cuttle Cart.

  • With easy-to-learn commands and structure, many programmers and console enthusiasts have ventured into creating home games with IntyBASIC, openly disseminating their codes and their experiences with the new tool.
    The result is a vast collection of tips, tricks and codes available on the AtariAge forum and on several sites around the network, in addition to encouraging the creation of other tools such as graphical interfaces, sprite creators, screen converters, among others.

  • Several games created with IntyBASIC have turned into physical cartridges, being released commercially by companies such as CollectorVision and Intellivision Revolution.

  • Actual version (1.4.2)
  • Official topic (AtariAge)